Majisto Bank
Make a secure deposit at the highly respected Majisto Bank! Whether you need a loan or a place to invest your money, Majisto Bank offers competitive interest rates on all types of accounts. The bank has private offices to discuss your finances with staffed advisers.
Needle & Thread
If your clothing is in need of altering or you are looking to turn a custom design into a reality, look no further than this tailor's workshop! Needle & Thread uses only the best fabrics and promises quality cuts and premium stitching on all garments.
Police Station
Bricksburgh PD keeps the city safe from crime. There are plenty of officers patrolling the streets 24/7. The police station is equipped with a jail cell, interrogation room, case board, recording devices, and evidence locker to assist in solving any case. Bricksburgh is proud to have a department that is involved in the community and works hard at building positive relationships with businesses and civilians.
Get your portraits done professionally by the photographer at Snapshots. From family photos to résumé head shots to newborn sessions, Snapshots does it all!
Soap 'n Suds
This convenient laundromat is open 24 hours. It provides coin-operated washers and dryers, plus a folding table. Please remember to bring your own baskets!